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Come Alongside Online Training

Hi there  

Do you remember that time someone shared something they were going through? You really wanted to care for them...but you didn't want to say the wrong thing. Or maybe you just weren't sure what to say. I get it. I've been there. 

That's why I created Come Alongside Online Training. You can complete this training at your own pace. 

Click the button below "Get Trained Now" and start today!

Imagine it, no more wondering what to say or how to say it. No more fear of saying the wrong thing. Instead, you can be trained to be a force for hope all while you also stay healthy.

Life is too precious to waste without caring well for others. 

Choose the Come Alongside Plan That’s Right for You

  • Most Flexible. 5 Monthly Payments of $179 each. 
  • Best Value + Bonus printable key sheets. One Payment of $797 

With either plan, you will receive lifetime access to the Come Alongside training developed by a licensed Christian counselor. You can finally know what to say to help people who are hurting. Also receive 4 Q&A group calls to help you implement what you learning for long-lasting change. 

With hope and healing, 

Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S, Creator of Come Alongside

5 Weeks

Come Alongside Online Training - Week 1 "Connect First"


This week we will first start with the critical section Set The Stage, then we will learn the importance of Connect First!

Click on Lesson 1 to read what is included, or flip ahead in your Workbook. 

When you open up Set The Stage you can either open or download your Set The Stage plus Week 1 Workbook section. TIP: If you want a fillable document, then open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or in your Google Account and choose Doc Hub under the options to view the PDF in your Google Account. You can also print the PDF for a hard copy to fill in the blanks or take notes as you go along. 

OK, Let's go!

Come Alongside Online Training - Week 2 "Discover Responding Skills"


This week we will Discover Responding Skills!

We will cover the first of your strategic skills and tactical tools.

This week begins your Practice Sessions as well. In each Lesson you will see the Practice slide when it is time to watch the Practice Sessions in order. Within this upgraded Live teaching the Practice Sessions are included and they are also included individually for you to watch separately if you'd like to do so. 

Click on each Lesson to read what is included, or flip ahead in your Workbook. Then remember to complete your Quiz at the end of this Lesson.

OK, Let's go!

Come Alongside Training - Week 3 "Develop a Sustainable Pace"


It's week 3 already - This week we will Develop a Sustainable Pace!

We will continue to cover so much this week and you will continue practicing these strategic skills and tactical tools.

Click on each Lesson to read what is included, or flip ahead in your Workbook. 

OK, Let's go!

Come Alongside Training - Week 4 "Empower Others With Care Resources"


It's week 4 - This week we will Empower Others!

We will learn about Empowering Others through developing resilience, Using Technology to Empower Others, the difference between care needs, and Questions to use to empower others, all as you continue practicing your strategic skills and tactical tools.

Click on each Lesson to read what is included, or flip ahead in your Workbook.

OK, Let's go!

Certificate of Completion

Congratulations! You have successfully completed all 4 Weeks of Come Alongside Online Training! 

You worked hard going through all the Modules, completing all the Quizzes, practicing all the skills and tools, and going through the individual and group applications that applied for you. We have been cheering you on as you took each step!

To get your certificate, you can either

  1. print it and write in your name, or
  2. open it in one of the many ways to add to a PDF (Ex: Adobe Acrobat, or Doc Hub, etc.) to allow you to add in your name. 

Now it's time to share and celebrate! Please take a selfie with your filled in Certificate of Completion and tag us @careministrytraining #comealongside so we can celebrate with you!

Congratulations from all the team at Come Alongside and Care Ministry Training!

Weeks for this course 5
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